Made a quick 18 mile cycle through the major municipal precincts, along major roads, ramps and intersections last night to pick up some signs for a few candidates plus my Honest Abe NO on the referendum.

Baddour’s supporters, considering the incredible number of his signs, seemed to have done an excellent first pass. In a few areas, Anderson’s and Stein’s were scoured clean. Signs directly outside Binkley Baptist (Ridgefield), Church of Reconciliation (Coker Hills), Scroggs Middle School (Dogwood Acres) and Meadowmont (Glenwood) were already gone – scoured clean. Besides a few Baddours, I went ahead and picked up the two fallen BOC candidate signs on the west side of Smith Middle School (Colonial Heights), leaving that area clean.

I did retrieve campaign signs for campaigns that didn’t request help if:

  • The sign had fallen, been tossed or otherwise moved somewhere in risk of damage
  • The sign was detached from its post (found a number of free floating Stein’s)
  • I knew how to contact the campaign to discover the disposition

Otherwise, even though it pained we not to do a clean sweep, knowing someone else would waste gas retracing my steps, I left the signs alone.

I will be making another run on Sunday, so if you’re charged with cleaning up and want some help, please contact me at “SIGNS at CITIZENWILL.ORG”. Please provide a contact phone number and the expected disposition of the signs (recycle or return).

Polling places I visited:

  • COKER HILLS (CH) – Church of Reconciliation – 110 Elliott Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • COLONIAL HEIGHTS (CO) Smith Middle School 9201 Seawell School Rd. Chapel Hill
  • DOGWOOD ACRES (DA) Mary Scroggs Elementary School 501 Kildaire Rd. Chapel Hill
  • EASTSIDE (ES) – Ephesus Road School – 1495 Ephesus Church Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • ESTES HILLS (EH) – Chapel Hill Public Library – 100 Library Dr. – Chapel Hill
  • GLENWOOD (GL) Meadowmont Clubhouse – 301 Old Barn Ln. – Chapel Hill
  • GREENWOOD (GR) – General Administration Building – 910 Raleigh Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • HOGAN FARMS (HF) Hogan Farms Clubhouse 101 Commons Way Dr. Chapel Hill
  • LINCOLN (LI) – Lincoln Center Administration Building – 750 S. Merritt Mill Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • MASON FARM (MF) Chapel Hill Kehillah – 1200 Mason Farm Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • NORTH CARRBORO (NC) – Homestead Community Center – 600 Homestead Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • RIDGEFIELD (RF) – Binkley Baptist Church – 1712 Willow Dr. – Chapel Hill
  • TOWN HALL (TH) – Carrboro Town Hall – 301 W. Main St. – Carrboro
  • WEAVER DAIRY (WD) Fire Station # 4 1695 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. – Chapel Hill

Polling places I will visit Sunday:

  • CARRBORO (CB) Carrboro Elementary School Shelton St. – Carrboro
  • COUNTRY CLUB (CC) School of Government 400 South Road Knapp/Sanders Bldg/UNC Campus Chapel Hill
  • DAMASCUS (DM) Grey Culbreth School 225 Culbreth Dr. Chapel Hill
  • EAST FRANKLIN (EA) – Holy Trinity Lutheran Church – 300 E. Rosemary St. – Chapel Hill
  • KINGS MILL (KM) – Aldersgate Methodist Church – 632 Laurel Hill Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • LIONS CLUB (LC) Carolina Spring Apt. Complex 600 W. Poplar Ave.(1st floor) – Carrboro
  • NORTHSIDE (NS) First Baptist Church 106 N. Roberson St. – Chapel Hill
  • OWASA (OW) – OWASA Administration Bldg. – 400 Jones Ferry Rd. – Carrboro
  • PATTERSON (PA) Chapel Hill Wesleyan Church 7326 Sunrise Road – Chapel Hill
  • ST. JOHN (SJ) McDougle Middle School 900 Old Fayetteville Rd. – Carrboro
  • WESTWOOD (WW) – Frank Porter Graham School – 101 Smith Level Rd. – Chapel Hill
  • WEAVER DAIRY SAT. (WDS) Carol Woods Retirement Community 750 Weaver Dairy Rd. Chapel Hill

I will probably make the ground rounds of all these polling places to collect collateral signs leading to and from the precincts.

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