While it has been some time since I posted new content it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped working those issues – the future of Orange County’s waste management, the Carolina North development agreement, 2009’s Town budget, living within our community’s means, etc. – I believe will have significant forward impacts – good or bad – on the quality of our community’s life.

As usual, I’ve read a ton of development related documents flowing out of Townhall and the University, argued for improvements and changes in policy before Council, attended a variety of meetings, as part of what has become the usual routine.

What I haven’t done is keep those folks that read my ‘blog up to date.

I know you are out there, still checking in, thank you for that. Like many folks these days, carving out time for family, work, civic and social responsibilities – what has to be done – requires more and more effort to balance against what we want to do.

That said, in an effort to provide background for local public policy discussions, an occasional counterpoint to other sites take on local issues and another platform for local groups to get their message out, I’m going to try to be a little more consistent and timely with the updates.

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