SxSW Day 1.3 – Where is Winer?

Hey, where’s Dave?

[UPDATE: It appears virtual Dave has died. ]

RSS: Not Just for Blogs Anymore. Really?

The folks from Feedburner, Bloglines and other RSS consumer/producers weigh in.
Chris Frye – Feedburner

  • “our service should be invisible”
  • oriented towards publishers
  • “consumption has gotten very interesting”
  • Creation->Deconstruction->Consumption
  • Consumption – newsgator, yahoo, technorati, google,
  • Deconstruction – news filters, spliced feeds, personal aggregators, blogs of remixed feeds (spamblogs)
  • Considerations: attribution, ownership, usage tracking

Scott Johnson – Feedstar founder

  • RSS history – “I’m not going there, I’m not talking about it”
  • one of the most brilliant aspects of RSS is that it’s extensible
  • might be the first XML that will “matter to mom”
  • trivial to create, tougher to consume
  • Apple specific extensions: USE THEM
  • PODCASTERS – “have an RSS feed of everything you’ve ever done”
  • Structred blogging – Marc Canter – micro-content architecture – parseable content
  • Problems with RSS – “tracking is hard”, no JavaScript

Robin DeuPree – Bloglines

  • crawls 2M feeds – 4 to 5M articles per day
  • “value in finding out what the buzz is for today”

Levin – moderator – What happens with MS RSS strategy? Frye – increase RSS usage – huge uptake when iTunes came on…

Johnson – on OPML, “not too interesting”

Deupree – ” the common comment on bloglines is that it’s klunky but also that it’s functional”

MY THEME – Where’s the company’s interest in ethical treatment of their customers?

Deupree – Couple minute overview of Redstone’s acquisition and the potential for abuse. Says Bloglines privacy policy needs to be clarified/cleaned up.

Johnson – “to make my tinfoil hat observation: if people know what you read, they know a lot about you”






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