Holy blogitude Batman!

One of my all time favorite online diarist is ae of arsepoetica. She’s elevated sharpened commentary on Herr Dim Son to a high art.

Now, after a bit of the SxSW ‘blogger koolaid db has entered the fray.

Welcome db.

Here’s some of the other local folk well worth reading (far from exhaustive, presented in no particular order):

arse poetica Eclectic commentary on the world and national politics.

OrangePolitics.org Our local progressive political salon.

SqueeeeeezeThePulp Our other local political hotspot.

GreeneSpace Erudite and dense intellectual observations on new urbanism, history, Virginia Woolf and the occassional local political fracas. Each post an education

Is That Legal? Eric’s the man! Legal and historical perspectives on current affronts to our civil liberties plus dead-on commentary of the local scene.

Audio Activism BrianR’s meme – podcasting is a means for social justice.

mistersugar Anton is our local communications dynamo – Blogtogether organizer, teacher, storyteller.

dent Our invaluable IndyWeek’s scurrilous political pamphleteering.

Blogads Henry’s business model keeps many ‘blogs alive.

The Real Paul Jones Paul’s been networked from day one. Must read for keeping up on local and international trends in tech, civil liberties, poetry and local events.

Science And Politics Bora is a Red-State Serbian Jewish atheist liberal PhD student with Thesis-writing block and severe blogorrhea trying to understand US politics by making strange connections between science, religion, brain, language and sex.

Local Ecology Policy wonk Teri’s perspective on local government, cats and ecology.

roy: danger smells like clean socks Roy’s created a community infrastructure, Tabulas, that gives voice to many (an unsung hero).

Dave Johnson’s Blogging Roller Dave’s like Roy with corporate support. Mr. Roller’s software provides the plumbing for both Sun’s and IBM’s blogging communities (scary!). Java, OSS and all-things blogging.

Rantingprofs In case you didn’t read your daily NY Times. Commentary from a “different” perspective ;-)!

Josh Staiger Personal and professional observations from a local IBMr 😉

Mente Videbor David’s diary of his local run for office.

FORTH GO Xan mixes reviews of local arts with forays into statistics, Java and Hegelian heuristics.






One response to “Holy blogitude Batman!”

  1. ae Avatar

    I’m losing comments everywhere! I thought I’d responded to this great rundown of local folks, some of whom I did not know.

    Thanks, as always, for the shout out, WillR! We missed you tonight at the MeetUp.