Barcamp Bar None

Saturday, July 22nd’s RDU Barcamp should be a yearly highpoint for the Triangle tech community.

A “who’s who” of producers and consumers on ‘net-related tech will gather (@ 8 am as ibiblio’s Paul Jones notes) to thrash through some of today’s trendier tech topics.

As local social justice activist (and newly minted groom) BrianR, over at, observes, UNC’s Fred Stutzman has gone above and beyond planning what promises to be an incredible tech unconference

Fred Stutzman has a written a wonderful post called Advice for Planning a Bar Camp. It contains a lot of excellent info about how to plan an unconference. In this case doing it BarCamp style. The RDU BarCamp is this Saturday July 22. (Congratulations Fred for pulling this off. I’m sure the event will be a huge success!)

and documented how to put together such a beast.

Excellent way to wag the long tail Fred!

Local Linux rockers Redhat will host the event which is being sponsored by (from the Barcamp list )

and donors

Friday night there’s a soiree at Tyler’s Tap room in the American Tobacky Shed over in Durham – 7pm and on…



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