Treading Lightly in Carrboro

[UPDATE: More (via Paul Jone’s) from The Carrboro News]

One of my concerns about Chapel Hill’s impending Lot #2 and Lot #5 developments is the restriction of public access to what was once public property.

It can’t happen here? Well, if it’s happened in Carrboro (1 degree cooler according to Ron Stutts), it can certainly happen here…

“That is a common area for the entire Carr Mill Mall,” explained Carr Mill Manager Nathan Milian. “We don’t allow performers to use the lawn without our permission.”

The problem isn’t with Thomas as a person, Milian was careful to explain. It’s the dancing that creates a problem.

“Our property is commercial,” Milian said. “There are plenty of public areas — the town commons, the farmers market — where he can express himself.”

HeraldSun, July 27th, 2006

While Carrboro’s Carr Mill Mall is a privately owned commercial entity, it exists because of public support. Further, Weaver Street Market is a community-owned coop (I’m a member) that used to support broad and inclusionary policies. Ruffin, you should get out ahead of mall management on this

Weaver Street Market General Manager Ruffin Slater declined to comment on this issue.

instead of ducking the issue.

Oh, by the way Mr. Milian, I know at least one of the “hooping” woman,

Other lawn-regulars could also anticipate censure from Milian. He said he has been seeking out the woman who brings hoops to the lawn and performs “hooping” dances often during Sunday brunch.

she’s an upstanding citizen.


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  1. […] But in Carrboro, things are getting decidedly uncool. The new Carrboro News reports that the Carr Mill management has banned “unauthorized performers” from the very public Weaver Street Commons. The Dancing Man, the flute player CJ, and even the beloved Hooping Women. (Other sources include Herald-Sun and Concerned Citizen WillR). […]

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