District Referendum: What would Abe think?

District referendum won 18703 (68.52%) to 8593 (31.48%). The negative consequences of this decision will not be fully apparent until 2010 and beyond.

With reform in the air, with winning candidates Nelson and Gordon both saying there’s more to be done, with every media endorsement suggesting further action, the next phase of broadening electoral participation should be easy to initiate.

When the new Orange County BOC first meets, I’ll be there asking for:

  • Non-partisan elections
  • Cumulative voting
  • Super-precincts, especially for campus, NOW
  • Voter-owned elections (to mute the money problem)
  • Caps on contributions
  • Adoption of standards and procedures to incorporate the widest citizen counsel on district realignments

With a good year to hash out the details, passage of these key reforms should take some of the sting out of the divisive districting scheme.


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