Friday is Right: Two million is too much…

[UPDATE:] WCHL1360 with the audio [MP3]. President Friday expands on his concerns about salary inequities in the UNC system with WCHL’s Jon Hill. Last week a survey was published showing disproportionate wage inflation at the highest levels.

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[UPDATE 2] The HeraldSun weighs in with this soon to evaporate editorial titled “An expensive coach” and the Chapel Hill Herald which raises this “bonus” question:

That is the reality, and while it may not be terribly palatable at an academic institution, it’s not likely to change — despite repeated concerns expressed by faculty, denunciations by university leaders or moaning by newspaper editorialists.

But what should be a concern are some of the terms of that contact. Apparently, the towering salary is not enough. In addition to his nearly $2 million a year, Davis also could receive thousands more in bonuses.

There are bonuses written into his contract that call for more money if he stays to the end of his contract. More money if he takes the football team to a bowl game. And more money each time the team’s graduation rate equals that of the overall student body.

Isn’t all that what the university is paying for already?

When you’re doling out so much money, shouldn’t the expectations be, for instance, that you will honor your legal contract, win more games than you lose and maintain a reasonable semblance of academic integrity?

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Nearly $2 million per year for UNC’s new football coach? Yikes!

And I thought Jack Evans, UNC’s Carolina North quarterback, at $208+ K, was overpaid.

Luckily it’s not all coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets but that’s beside the point.

What does it say about UNC’s priorities that the same week UNC ditched all those loyal Dental School technicians due to “budgetary” constraints and floated a $4,000 tuition bump their new athletic “silver bullet” is hired on with a salary more than 100 times some support folks salary?


Former UNC President Bill Friday also thinks the current Moeser administration has its priorities out of whack:

The new coach will make an average of $1.8 million a year and Bill Friday who was president of the University for 30-years is calling a foul. “Any time an institution pays a coach tens more than a distinguished professorship, it’s making a statement.” Friday add, “We are out of control. We aren’t running our own destiny.”

Friday also served 15-years as co-chair of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Sports which pressed for reforms inside the big business of college sports. Friday says UNC is taking a step back by throwing big money for an entertainment enterprise. “We teach, we carry forward research, we serve the public. That’s the public trust we hold. We are not an entertainment industry.”

WTVD – 11/28/06


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  1. Fred Black Avatar
    Fred Black

    Will, you continue to make these comments about Jack Evans being overpaid. Do you know what he is being paid for? How much of that is for his teaching duties? How much is for his CN duties?

    It’s really easy to say someone is overpaid, especially when one has no idea what the pay is for.

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