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Looks like one of our community’s cooler cats is out of the bag.

The Daily Tar Heel reports today on pioneering on-line journalist, State political analyst, former editor of the Indy Kirk Ross’ ( Exile On Jones Street) latest venture: The Carrboro Citizen.

Why create a new media outlet for Carrboro?

“It’s got 17,000 people, seven schools, good schools, growing, annexing; it’s next to exploding Chatham County – we think it needs a newspaper,” [ROSS] said.

Ross also said he has been unhappy with the way outside papers cover the town.

“You read a Carrboro story, and it’s not written for Carrboro; it’s written to explain things to the Triangle.”

The Citizen is an interesting inversion of current trends in newsprint. This new media effort is tapping their strong on-line content to publish newspapers. Yep, real paper, delivered weekly on Wednesdays.

Hey, not everyone is online, yet…

Congratulations to Kirk, his allies at the Carrboro Commons and to the Carrboro community for supporting their own “home town” news outlet.



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  1. Kirk Ross Avatar

    Shucks, Will. Thanks for the kind words. Gotta give props to my partner in this project, Robert Dickson–you know, Bubba–who inspired those Commons people to explore the idea. As I said in the Tar Heel story the response to their survey was pretty stunning.
    Nice of you to use the photo. It’s titled “Man and Dog contemplate the future of journalism.”

    The phones are hooked up and the office is almost open.
    We even got a 942 number.
    That number is 942-2100. Call with news or just to say howdy.

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