Technorati’s Sampling of CitizenWill Videos

A reader dropped me an email (thanks K.A.) alerting me to Technorati’s laggard pace in indexing links to CitizenWill. Technorati is supposed to keep track of how many folks link to your ‘blogs content.

According to their service, I haven’t posted anything new in 298 days! I’m not the only person with Technorati ping problems Topic: does everyone have to post here to get the ping to work?

I’m not much for tracking links and that whole SEO (search engine optimization) bit (there are more than a few cautionary tales of bloggers, consumed with “incoming link counts” and other falderal, losing their way).

That said, I guess I should be a little miffed that the supposedly premier service for tracking interest in ones ‘blog can’t even recognize I’ve posted content a little fresher than a year-old (hmmm, maybe they use some algorithm to evaluate the worth of that content – uh oh!).

In any case, they did collect, serendipitously it appears, related content from youTube and flickr.

I especially like this Technorati collage of some of my videos:

Civil Dance Disobedience

Feb 20 2007 Carrboro BOA Rogers Rd. Trash -  Tracy Coleman

Allen Baddour Opening Statement

Experimental Chapel Hill RAM Development Flybys

Videos View all »

Thanks K.A. for the heads-up. Oh, and when I was checking out Technorati I happened to notice has been nominated for a Koufax award in the “Best Coverage of State of Local Issues” (??). I was previously nominated for a Koufax in the commenting category (I used to comment prolifically before I had a ‘blog 😉 ).

Other local ‘blogs nominated for your consideration:

A fantastic crew to be associated with… Thank you, whomever you are, for the nomination.






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