12:13AM Jet Set

[UPDATE] As Fred notes, this was a Cessna 550 probably configured like the photo below:

These type planes are used both for charter and commercial commuter purposes.


I have lived near Horace-Williams Airport for about 16 years. During the recent uproar over siting a new UNC-sponsored general aviation facility somewhere in the OC, I’ve had a few folks ask what kind of traffic to expect.

There’s the early morning cacophony of AHEC cranking up their prop-driven fleet. The mid-day buzz of single engine vehicles. And, on a game night like this evening, the late-night roar of corporate jets.

By the way, here’s a nice chronology of UNC’s back-tracking on their “no jets” policy. Required reading for anyone interested in possible outcomes at the proposed new facility.


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  1. fhblack Avatar

    Yesterday’s “basketball jet” was interesting. It came in the afternoon:

    ID Type Orgin Dep. Time Arriv Time
    N173AA C550 Blue Grass (KLEX) Tue 15:28 EST Tue 16:23 EST

    and left late:

    ID Type Dest. Dep Time Arriv
    N173AA C550 Blue Grass (KLEX) Wed 00:13 EST Wed 01:29

    I hope our friends from KY spent some money while here!

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Let’s see, based on the 2008 Talbert-Bright report they must’ve spent something like $10,000 😉

    Thanks Fred for the flight data, I’ve added a photo of a Cessna 550 to the post.

    More information on the plane here:


  3. fhblack Avatar

    There’s lots of speculation that the jet that woke me Wednesday morning was probably Ashley Judd returning to KY.

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