Easthom on Being a Good Councilmember

Laurin, a sitting member of the current Council ruminates this evening on what makes a good Mayor and Councilmember.

Public service is not a right, but a privilege. Holding public office can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Being a good mayor or a good council member certainly comes by trial and error and by experience itself. The bottom line is to never lose sight of what drew you to the position in the first place.

Laurin, a one-termer (so far), is up for re-election with Mark Kleinschmidt, Ed Harrison and recent appointee James Merritt.

With elections almost 8 months off it appears that the jockeying for position has begun.

More from Laurin here.






3 responses to “Easthom on Being a Good Councilmember”

  1. fhblack Avatar

    To be accurate, they are not up for re-election until they announce that. Those for seats will be on the next ballot, open or otherwise.

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Quite true Fred though, at least based on what I’ve seen and heard recently, I expect three of the four to run again. What do you think? Care to handicap the race 8 months out ;-)?

  3. fhblack Avatar

    Not until we see who’s in the race for Mayor and on the Council ballot.

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