A Stream of Concerned Taxpayers

Made a quick trip to Hillsborough to submit my application for an informal review of my tax revaluation (we took a %35 whack , $327,697 to $442,912 or an $115K increase!).

I definitely wasn’t the only concerned citizen.

A crowd of folks were milling about the assessor’s front desk when I entered at 4:30. From 4:30 on, as I sat downstairs sipping a cup of Femenino coffee (??) at the Weaver St. North, I watched a steady stream of concerned taxpayers – identifiable by the tax forms clutched in their hands – make their way upstairs.

It will be interesting to see how the tax story shakes out this year.

I’ve asked our Town Council numerous times over the last 9 months not to rely on the “automatic” escalation of tax revenues that comes from Chapel Hill’s properties being valued higher more quickly than elsewhere in the county.

A prudent strategy but fiscal prudence hasn’t been a strong suit of the current elective crowd.







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  1. anli Avatar

    did mine two weeks ago. My house “appreciated” by some 45% whereas the neighborhood by 26%; the town allegedly by 22%

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Makes little to no sense. The BOCC has a lot on their plate and it was obvious from their questions this evening at the Carolina North presentation they want no new expenses.

    I haven’t read all the anti-tax missives out there but I’m surprised that the existing members of the BOCC – Barry, Mike, Alice and Valerie – aren’t taking more heat. They could’ve derailed the new valuations before Jan. 1st and been on solid legal ground.

    Now, as they point out here, derailing the process puts them in a legal quagmire.

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