No, not another story about the funny taste of OWASA’s chlorimated water!

The N&O’s Matt Dees has written an interesting wrap on Verkerk’s and Wiggins’ tenure – “graveyard grilling” and all.

As they prepare to step down Monday night, Dorothy Verkerk and Edith Wiggins say they’re leaving the dais proud of their accomplishments but a little bitter.

Interesting how the redlight camera vendor’s Astroturf organization was morphed into a trade association.

Both Verkerk and Wiggins were criticized as being too close to Affiliated Computer Services, the company that provided the system, charges the two thought were unfair.

Verkerk, a UNC-Chapel Hill art history professor who championed traffic safety, presented data that came from a trade association with a vested interest in seeing more cameras installed.

Monday the new Council will be sworn in.

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