Here comes the judge: The Forum Videos

Judge Allen Baddour opening statement.

Adam Stein opening statement. Covers litigation experience, ends with suggestion that we need someone with defense experience to balance out the current tip towards judges with prosecutorial experience.

Judge Carl Fox opening statement. Starts about 20 seconds in.

Judge Chuck Anderson opening statement.

Question #1: Importance of community? Your role in the community?

Carl Fox question #1.

Chuck Anderson question #1. Batteries died – missing segment – then end segment.

Allen Baddour question #1.

Adam Stein question #1. Disagrees about community service…. Filled my camera card. Clipped part of answer. Finishes speaking about affordable housing project his wife and him built south of town. Adam was a good sport – carrying on though through the embarrassing din of me dropping a battery.

Question #2: What role should political parties play in judge elections?

Chuck Anderson question #2.

Allen Baddour question #2.

Adam Stein question #2.

Carl Fox question #2.

Four things: introduction, registration, education – voter GOTV judgeships, education/information about candidates.

Great digression on the Senate’s evolution into a legislative body made up of the modern day equivalent of the landed aristocracy.

The next questions were posed from one candidate to all the candidates (including themselves).

Allen Baddour starts by asking “What is the most important thing you plan to accomplish, if elected, over the next 8 years?”

Adam Stein goes first with a very peculiar take – and a statement about his entering the race knowing he can only serve a fraction of his term.

Carl Fox.

Chuck Anderson.

Allen Baddour answers his own question.

Chuck Stein asks for everyones relevant trial experience – starting with “run of the mill” felonies and ending with Supreme Court briefs.

Carl Fox goes first joking that his 20+ years as District Attorney meant he hasn’t argued any defense trials.

Chuck Anderson.

Allen Baddour.

Adam Stein answers his own question.

Carl Fox starts with the observation that 9 out of 10 people sitting in the audience are young African-American males. Striking at a critical problem within our justice system he asks “What are we doing wrong that is causing so many males to end up in court and what can we do to fix the situation?”

Chuck Anderson starts.

Allen Baddour continues his theme of early intervention and education – proactively addressing the problems of our current generation.

Adam Stein.

Carl Fox answers his own question.

Chuck Anderson asks how the current system for selecting our judges (by election) might be modified to better serve the public [no video, had to switch batteries].

Allen Baddour starts.

Adam Stein continues. The end of his statement is clipped.

And then the last of my batteries went kaput. I apologize to Carl and Chuck for not capturing their last answers of the evening. My notes of their answers:

Fox – appellate selection – most current appelate judges haven’t served as superior judges, electing of judges then have a retention election

Anderson – unlikely we can change the way NC selects judges – legislative actions – how many folks of high quality are discouraged form running? the current system kind of screens out good candidates – don’t want to expose themselves to election – %85 of electorate (Timson) doesn’t know candidates or issues in current election….

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