From: Will R [mailto:XXXXX@YYYYYY]
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 7:47 AM
To: Town Council;XXXXXXX
Subject: Biodiesel Now?

Mayor, Manager and Town Council,

Lyle Estill, of Piedmont Biofuels – a coop located in Pittsboro and
dedicated to producing and distributing biodiesel – has recently said
“The State Contract price for kerosene on 8/15 was 2.0776. On that same
day B20 was 2.0161.” Considering the recent rise in crude prices and
the expected impacts on fuel prices caused by the New Orleans disaster,
why can’t we push forward now with biodiesel?

Purchasing biodiesel now seems to make economic sense, it certainly
makes environmental sense and it would definitely advance our laggard
implementation of our “Green Fleets” program.

If there’s a structural problem with using biodiesel I would like to
know the specifics. If there’s a programmatic problem with using
biodiesel for transit, I would like to know it. If there’s just a need
for coordination on this policy, I would like to have the issue raised
at the Sept. 7th Transit Partners meeting.

Thank you,

Will Raymond


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