Election Contributions

Thank you to all my campaign supporters and contributors.

We’re very close to the end but I need a bit more help on Tuesday, Nov. 8th at the polls. If you have the time, I have the need. Please call me at 932-1380 or drop me an email at campaign@willraymond.org.

Thank you Joyce Brown, Cam Hill, Janet Kagan, Gregg Gerdau for lending your names and kind words to my campaign.

To all those displaying (and managing) my signs, thank you. My signs are part of my message and a form of political speech – I appreciate the help you’ve leant in keeping them “evergreen”.

To the “word of mouth” crew, the email listers and all the folk getting the message out – incredible! Our “viral marketing” campaign seems to be working – don’t stop now!

Finally, for now at least, thank you to all the folk that pitched in to fund my campaign. With the earthquake, Katrina and so many other pressing needs in the world, I’m humbled that you dug deep and supported my candidacy. Thank you!

Here’s a tally to-date of my contributions, the contributor’s name (with a possible link to an affiliated website), the election report (10 Day, 35 Day, PreElection) and a quick, far from exhaustive, comment about my fine contributor. Contributions beyond the PreElection report are noted as “Past Last Report”.

If you want to be added to the list, please Donate

E. Raymond $5.00 10 Day My son, the rising 3rd grader, gave me the filing fee.
M. Reinhold $100.00 35 Day My great, Mac-using, Mother-In-Law made my 1st Online Donation!
B. Kielwasser $100.00 35 Day Bonnie got my fund-raising off to a great start!
G. Jansen $25.00 35 Day Campaign documentarian
T. Jensen $10.00 35 Day Student activist, campaign support
T. Schwerin $100.00 35 Day Invaluable sign critic, Biofuels entrepreneur, President of Chatham Marketplace
G. Ingalls $5.00 35 Day Thanks for helping.
M. Marcopolus $35.00 35 Day Local political powerhouse and OWASA Chair
P. Gates $50.00 35 Day Prolific book reviewer.
R. Kim $50.00 35 Day Tabulas is Roy’s baby. Cool online community support…
J. Guillory $5.00 PreElection Fresh from electorial success in Raleigh
X. Gregg $100.00 PreElection Extraordinary gamer and Forth programmer
A. Rimer $50.00 PreElection Former Councilmember. My former Technology Board chair and current Stormwater Utility chair.
T. Tyson $25.00 PreElection 2003 Council candidate and current community volunteer
J. Carnahan $30.00 PreElection One of the The Village Project’s design gurus,Chairman of the Planning Board of the Town of Carrboro, NC
T. Dempsey $25.00 PreElection Local activist, Planning Board member
J. Baysdon $25.00 PreElection Mr. Shaggy! Former and future (?) Chatham activist.
M. Peters $25.00 PreElection Concerned Citizen. Schools Activist. Our school’s Tech Coaches Volunteer Coordinator
G. Pease $50.00 PreElection Entrepreneur. Planning Board and Horace Williams Citizens Committee member.
T. Burd $50.00 PreElection T. has known me a long time, thanks for the support!
T. Clark $50.00 PreElection T. keeps my work product humming along….
R. Sinreich $25.00 PreElection Community builder and chair of our Planning Board.
W. & A. Raymond $100.00 PreElection Mom and Dad. Thanks for your enthusiasm.
A. Shundi $20.00 PreElection A. is a sharp software developer that has a knack for not falling asleep during standards meetings!
A. Chute $50.00 PreElection Neighborhood activist and very prepared concerned citizen. Time to join a board A.!
W. Raymond $100.00 35 Day In-kind website development done by me.
A. Rohrbacher $20.00 Past last report Downtown Partnership Chair and former Council candidate
W. Rutherfurd $50.00 Past last report 2005 Town Council candidate and, hopefully, new Technology Advisory Board Member
C. Hill $75.00 Past last report Current Councilmember
B. Strom $75.00 Past last report Current Councilmember
M. Dreyfors $25.00 Past last report Forests of the World founder. Great guy with a great idea.
E. Barney $15.00 Past last report Neighborhood activist. Longtime resident. Member of Coalition of Neighbors Near Campus.
A. Badrock $25.00 Nov. 4th 2005 Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and member of the Town’s Personnel Appeals Committee
J. Gurlitz $50.00 Nov. 6th Local architect involved in major developments along Franklin and Rosemary Streets Downtown Chapel Hill
$1,535.00 Nov. 6th Candidate Report

I hand edited this information from my filed reports at the BOE.