Interesting forum with mostly good questions. Former Councilmember and continuing activist Joe Capowski did a great job moderating – firm but friendly. Besides an excellent turnout by our local Sierra Club membership, Joe Herzenberg, Cam Hill and Sally Greene also attended. Nice to see to their friendly faces.

Great ‘blog coverage by Tom Jensen at the two-year old OrangePolitics.

Rob Shapard’s HeraldSun coverage.

And the Daily Tarheel.

Quick comment on the DTH coverage. I actually did endorse the purchase of Erwin Trace – a great strategic move to preserve a natural corridor along New Hope creek. Eventually, 15, 20 years out, this corridor will be one of the backbones of our natural byways. I also said that Erwin Trace is a rare opportunity well worth seizing but now we need to turn our attention to preserving as many of our Town’s creek basins as possible – including creeks that might not even have a name.

Again, looking 15, 20, 50 years out, these creeks offer a “natural” (as in obvious) corridor for preservation. A number of these creeks actually connect with our existing greenways and will provide effective walkable connectivity between locales like UNC-North and the rest of Town.

Here’s an example using Google maps (Javascript must be enabled on your browser to see this):


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