Advice to Rockstar Journalist wannabees:

  • Net-wise, we’re living in a Web 2.0 self-serve world. Better learn online email, blogging and pod/video-casting.
  • Don’t whine when the new kids beat you to the story!
  • Who cares about print bylines anymore? Develop your personal brand online: ‘blog every chance you get.
  • Either work for folk without paywalls, change those folks minds or end-run your paymasters by “broadcasting” your personal content elsewhere (see: developing your own brand).
  • Repurpose, refresh and extend your personal content – it’s the long tail of your brand.
  • Don’t blame tech support for your lack of initiative Mr. Wannabee Rockstar Journalist – it’s a new media world, time to embrace the change and ride the wave.

Don’t want to change? Great! I understand they always need folks to write the obits.

A little objective advice based on observations of a slew of media-critters at both SxSWi and SxSW proper.

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