Former Council member, occasional OP poster and Director of Bill Drafting for the North Carolina General Assembly since 1981, Gerry Cohen has a new ‘blog, NC Bill Drafting: 30 Years on Jones St., capturing the tug-n-pull of NC’s legislative tides.

What a great niche subject covered by a key player. For instance, he notes in this interesting post that 2007 is a banner year for legislative proposals – up over %40 since 2005.

Didn’t see that covered in the MSM. Thanks Gerry.

Here’s two other local legal ‘blogs that I like to read:

UNC Law prof Eric Muller’s Is That Legal – covering subjects as diverse as the WWII Japanese internment (which he’s an expert) to the near rescue of his great-Uncle Leopold from the Holocaust.

CreditSlips, which covers all things credit worthy. Their posts on payday lending, health-care related bankruptcy and credit in general are fascinating.

Both have educated me in areas I’d probably never stray to without the ‘blog-o-sphere.

I have a feeling Gerry’s ‘blog will be the same….

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