Month: September 2005

  • You can’t say what?

    One of the incumbents in our campaign is very adept at dodging issues. While it is wise to take counsel, to study an issue and weigh alternative resolutions, at some point, as an elected official and leader, you must take a stand. Maybe it will upset your neighbors, maybe it will generate bad press, maybe […]

  • OrangePolitics’ Second Birthday

    Ruby’s site is developing a long tail. Embedded within its posts and comments is a timeline, an institutional memory of 2 years of Chapel Hill and Orange/Durham/Chatham County politics. Here’s to many more….

  • “Leather-seated SUVs”

    Is it true that effective conservation almost needs to become a reflexive act? I’m lucky I had adults in my life – my parents, my friend’s parents, relatives, neighbors – that internalized the lessons of economy and reflexive conservation. Maybe they were like my father, who hailed from a large family whose generosity never flagged […]

  • Life, the universe, everything…

    Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia that represents a “public works” project of the first-order. Jimmy Wales, the founder of the effort, realized there’s a lot of smarts in the world community – all he needed to do was to tap into that creativity and talent and then step out of the way. In a […]