UNC Carolina North: Old Dog, Old Tricks?

Barry Jacobs doesn’t get it.

Barry Jacobs, chairman of the Orange County commissioners and a committee member, said he is not as concerned about UNC-CH leaders wielding undue influence.

“I don’t see what there is to conspire about behind closed doors because I don’t have to agree to anything, and I don’t have to be railroaded into anything,” he said, adding that he doesn’t think Broun “has any bad intentions.”

Jacobs, responding in today’s (soon to be paywalled) N&O article on allowing private consultations between Broun and UNC administrators, is off by 180 degrees.

This isn’t about railroading, this is about adhering to a commitment to have a free and transparent flow of information between partners. Previous conversations on Carolina North have deadlocked in misunderstandings because of the “surprise” introduction of principles/designs/desires late in the process.

This new effort – as well-advertised by Broun and Moeser – was to be different. Transparency was supposed to “grease the wheels”. Openess was part-n-parcel of a new style of collaboration.

Unfortunately, it appears Moeser’s folk have fallen back on old habits. I hope this is just a bump in the road – not a sign of a long trail of obfuscatory difficulties.

Barry, I expect better from a long-elected guy. Please don’t forget that closed doors are an anathema to open governance.






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