July 4th, 4:47pm, 10°27’0.59″N, 84°43’28.18″W

Fireworks [map]







3 responses to “July 4th, 4:47pm, 10°27’0.59″N, 84°43’28.18″W”

  1. Mark K Avatar

    Ah, Arenal. I was just there in December. We had dinner and watched the explosions through the window of the restaurant. It was magical.

  2. Robert P Avatar
    Robert P

    What is it with you world travelers…I need a better job.

    is this anywhere near the “Children’s Rainforest”?

  3. Administrator Avatar

    Robert, the “Children’s Rainforest” was across lake Arenal from where we stayed one night (Los Heroes – a strange anomalous Swis Chalet). We could’ve taken a boat up Rio Chiquito to the station but didn’t have the time.

    Monteverde, where it’s located, is a really neat area – a mix of tropical and cloud rainforests on the flanks of seni-active volcanoes. If we ever get back I’d like to spend more time there and to visit another high country locale like Chirripo.

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