Month: December 2009

  • Chapel Hill’s 2009 Services Survey

    Chapel Hill’s government is finally doing the survey that the Town’s (now defunct) Technology Board recommended more than 5 years ago. As you might expect, I have a few questions about the survey, including the cost, why it was done by an out-of-state company, how it was constructed, who it was targeted at initially (online […]

  • Applicants 2009 Chapel Hill Council Vacancy

    Here’s each of the interested applicants for the current Council vacancy. That vacancy will be discussed and probably filled at tonight’s special Council meeting. Over the last 8 years I’ve served this community mainly as a citizen activist and volunteer. Over the last 4 years I ran 3 times for Council in order to serve […]

  • Trash Talk: Mal de M.E.R. No Longer

    Just back from this evening’s Orange County Board of Commissioners’ meeting. Tonight’s big agenda item, “What to do about the waste transfer station?” New County Manager Frank Clifton’s extensively reviewed the three proposed options: use the County’s Payfadar property (originally slated for a park) on Millhouse Road, pursue the ill-suited (and ever more expensive) Howell […]