Usually politicians will attempt to sell a policy by claiming “if not adopted we’re gambling with our children’s future.”

The corrosive affects of NC’s lottery continue to spread, as demonstrated by this report in today’s N&O:

In August and September, teens under age 18 were paired with state agents and made visits to 348 lottery sales outlets across North Carolina.

At each store, the minor tried to purchase a $1 scratch-off ticket — in violation of state law, which prohibits sales of lottery games to anyone under 18. They were successful in making the purchase 98 times, or in more than one of every four attempts.

With the escalating barrage of NC lottery advertising, including the plan to pimp Christmas, is it any wonder our kids are falling prey to the “money for nothing” ethic?

We were promised that our lottery commission had learned from the mistakes made in other States. We even brought in a heavy hitter with plenty of experience to avoid the common pitfalls.

Heck, you’d think with the stench of our corrupt short-tenured former NC lottery commissioner Geddings still lingering, the commission would be more than proactive in maintaining high ethical standards:

The state lottery commission this month adopted for the first time a policy on sales to minors. It put in place a three strikes process.

THIS MONTH! What a predicable load of manure the lottery is turning out to be…

Yep, the lottery is turning out to be quite Educational as gambling now becomes a part of our children’s future.