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  • Carolina North: Location! Location! Relocation?

    If there was a theme to yesterday’s third community outreach on UNC’s Carolina North project it was “more of the same”. Same dearth of detail. Same soft sell of the economic benefits. Same back “peddling” (as in wheeling-n-dealing) on their functional commitments. UNC Chancellor Moeser’s “quarterback”, Jack Evans, presented the major recalibration of Carolina North’s […]

  • Trash Talk: I Like Vinegar on My BBQ

    The old Southern saying goes “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Then again, there’s nothing like a little vinegar or Tabasco to cut though the cloying fat of smoked BBQ. An open e:mail to the Orange County Board of Commissioners: On Tuesday evening, at the Orange County BOC meeting in Hillsborough […]

  • Chapel Hill 2035

    [UPDATE] The Chapel Hill News’ OrangeChat noted the growth Mar. 5th. The Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan Socio-Economic projections are in and, as Sally notes, they forecast a whopping increase in population. Table 1: Draft 2035 Plan Socio-Economic Projections Jurisdiction Population Employment 2005 2035 % inc. 2005 2035 % inc. […]

  • CAMPO’s Racetrack 5 Miles Long

    The Durham-Chapel Hill Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Commission (DCHC-MPO) has formed a special advisory task force in conjunction with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) “to recommend a plan for major transit investments in the Triangle area.” Their charter? This commission will play a critically important role in the development of a unified vision for future […]

  • Carolina North: Housing from UNC’s perspective

    From Jack Evans concerning housing at Carolina North. At the LAC meeting on October 19, we agreed that the University would draft some thoughts for the continuation of our discussion regarding housing at Carolina North. The attached file is our response to that request. As you will see, we found a number of issues and […]

  • Halloween means Helicopters

    5:33pm, Tuesday, Oct. 31st, 2006, Halloween in downtown Chapel Hill means helicopters. As I stepped out of my building at the corner of Church and Franklin streets, the first portent of tonight’s Chapel Hill-o-ween was the thrumming beat of helicopter blades. Two of the beast hovered high above downtown’s Franklin in a vain attempt to […]

  • Chapel Watch, Larkspur Connector Kibosh

    Developers and neighbors don’t always see eye to eye but sometimes they do Caught between neighbors’ wishes and town policy, the developers of Chapel Watch Village off Eubanks Road have sided with the neighbors. N&O Larkspur connectivity was a big deal in last year’s Council race. A candidate (now council member) even tried to duck […]

  • Next Stop, NextBus.

    According to the following Sept. 22nd Town news release, the NextBus system is nearly ready for its trial run. Suggested online access is through Chapel Hill Transit’s site, the blue “Real Time Transit” link. I suggest by-passing the lame Java-applet and go straight to the vastly simpler and more forward thinking Google Maps interface. […]

  • Hillsborough425: Google Earth Fly-By, Alpha Quality

    Alpha quality? This is my first release of a “fly-by” created with Google’s mapping tool Google Earth [v4.0291.beta], drawing tool SketchUp and published concept plans to model new development in our community. In this case, modeling RAM Development’s 322 luxury condos visual impact. The large McMansion-like teardown, unfortunately, is displacing Hillsborough Street’s affordable 111 unit […]

  • Jim Ward Knee Jerk

    No, Jim hasn’t been co-opted by another AstroTurf organization, he was responding to Mayor Kevin Foy’s remarks on the St. Thomas More Catholic Church expansion plans: Councilman Jim Ward, in a point seconded by Mayor Kevin Foy, argued the issue went beyond Carmichael Street and driveways, to the overall impact of increased traffic on roads […]

  • Hillsborough425: Daily Tar Heel Says “Scrap the Plan”

    That’s the Daily Tar Heel’s Editorial Board. The concept plan to tear down the 111-unit Town House Apartment complex and build 322 new nonrental luxury units called the Residences at Grove Park should be scrapped before any more money is wasted investigating the issue. They share some common concerns: traffic and affordable housing.

  • Chapel Hill Transit: A %1 Solution

    Local transit activist Ellen Perry posted a heads up Car Free Day 09/22 on local ‘blog OrangePolitics. On Friday, September 22, residents of Carrboro and Chapel Hill will for the third straight year join millions of others around the world in celebrating World Car Free Day, leaving their cars at home and using other means […]