Month: February 2006

  • And then there were fourteen…UNC appoints Carolina North Board

    The DTH has just announced the UNC’s picks for the new Carolina North leadership advisory board:

  • The Town Responds to Broun

    Following on the steps of my previous post, Mayor Foy issued a formal response to UNC’s Ken Broun’s presentation about the new leadership advisory board on Carolina North. Observing that the town has already formed a committee to discuss Carolina North, the Mayor and Council has referred UNC’s response to the 2004 HWCC report to […]

  • Last chance?

    UNC announced a new committee whose functions the new leader Ken Broun describe in this Jan. 11th column and current UNC Chancellor Moeser described in this subsequent Jan 22nd column. Two years in the making and as a sign of good faith UNC released their response to the 2004 Horace-Williams Citizen Committee’s Report. I applaud […]