SxSW Day 1.0 – Money, Money, Money!

I’ve been thinking about money all day. It started with Eric Rice’s breezy dismissal of my question on the ethics of product placement in videocast.

Sure, I expected some pimping of products, speakers, books – that’s the way of most conferences (but not all). I didn’t expect SxSW, with forums on social responsibility and the wisdom of crowds, to be so overwhelming pecuniary in intent.

SteveR pointed out that “everybody wants to make buck” but this emphasis on monetization of content is making me a bit ill.

So, to settle my stomach, and in honor of Eric, Chris Pirillo and the rest of the monetization gang, I’m suggesting we develop Tivo for the Web 2.0 generation.

The “Pirillo Pillow” will automatically smother product placement ads.

No ads, no ethical problems.

Maybe effective distribution of “the Pillow” will even reduce mammon worship next SxSW ;-)!






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