Summer Soulstice

I’ll be off-line for awhile.

By the time I return Chapel Hill will probably have a new town manager, I will have been appointed to zero or more additional advisory boards and Chapel Hillian’s – especially those on the wrong-side of the digital-divide – hopefully, will have a new muni-networking task force to take that bull by the horns.

Council is ready to take a break and so am I.






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  1. Sean R. Stegall Avatar
    Sean R. Stegall

    Mr. Raymond,

    This is to thank you for being the type of citizen that makes Chapel Hill such a special place. You are passionate and informed about local issues and that is something that has, much to my chagrin, been lost in many communities across this great nation. Secondly, thank you for your support and kind comments. Roger Stancil will be an excellent Town Manager and Chapel Hill deserves no less.


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