Daily Tar Heel’s Excellent Use of Technology

Even the forward looking journalists at this weekend’s ConvergeSouth could learn a trick or two from our local university’s Daily Tar Heel.

What a great mashup of raw data on drinking violations and mapping technology to simply demonstrate an evolution of a problem.

Well done Tar Heel.



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3 responses to “Daily Tar Heel’s Excellent Use of Technology”

  1. coturnix Avatar

    300 and 305 Rosemary St – what bars are those?

  2. Brian R. Avatar

    According to Google and a confirmation using Google Map’s satellite view its Pantana Bob’s.

  3. Administrator Avatar

    Thanks Brian, I meant to respond to Bora yesterday. Bora, Pantana Bobs is about 100 yds. from where I work (and not too far from Brian’s).

    I was surprised to see that as every time I pass by I see their door persons studiously reviewing folks IDs.

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