Chapel Hill Downtown Development Initiative: The Debate

Posted these individual citizen comments from the Nov. 20th Public Hearing on the Downtown Development

Scott Kovens

Robert Dowling

Gene Pease

Roger Perry

Lex Alexander

David Godschalk

David Hartzell

Joyce Brown

Janet Kagan

Alan Rimer

Barnes Burke

Laurie Paolicelli

Scott Radway

Anita Badrock

Tom Jensen

Josh Gurlitz

Liz Parham

Philip Duchastel

Bill Camp


Bernadette Keefe


3 responses to “Chapel Hill Downtown Development Initiative: The Debate”

  1. […] Yet another Chapel Hill video first created by Will Raymond, aka WillR. On his blog post Chapel Hill Downtown Development Initiative: The Debate, there are links to TWENTY ONE separate videos of twenty one different people speaking at a November 20th public hearing on downtown development. To make it real easy to choose which one to watch there are screen shots from the video of the people who spoke with their names captioned at the bottom. […]

  2. Joe Avatar

    Will, thanks for posting these clips. What a wonderful mixing of youtube & local politics. One question, from where did you get the video?

  3. Xan Gregg Avatar

    Thanks, Will, for all your coverage.

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