Robert Seymour: UNC HealthCare Ombudsman?

Last Oct. 14th, 2006 Kirk Ross (Carrboro Citizen) first reported on Rev. Robert Seymour’s appointment as a citizen advocate to UNC’s HealthCare system board.

As I noted then (A Healthy Sign, Robert Seymour Appointed to UNC Health Care Board) it was fabulous news.

This morning, the UNC Board of Governors approved the appointment of Rev. Bob Seymour, who served as minister of Binkley Baptist for 30 years, to the UNC Health Care board. Seymour was picked for the post by UNC President Erskine Bowles after complaints about the hospital system’s treatment of elderly patients and agressive collection tactics. Bowles agreed with petitioners that a citizen rep was needed on the board.

You might also remember Bob’s comments on the aging of Orange County Robert Seymour on Our Community’s Fit, Frail and Fragile

Bob’s recent WCHL1360 commentary [MP3] “welcomes your criticisms or your compliments relative to your assessment of the care offered and received at UNC Hospitals”.

Sounds like an ombudsman to me.

Robert’s continuing work is reflected in this Jan. 23rd, 2997 UNC Healthcare status report [PDF] simply titled “Assuring Access at UNC Health Care”.






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