Election 2007: Recycle, Reuse

Recycle and reuse are two environmental principles our local community follows fairly well. In that spirit, I believe our citizens will appreciate my putting frugality over novelty.

Signs are sprouting up around Town. Several of mine, it appears, were saved by some of my 2005 supporters and trotted out a little early. Thanks folks for showing some early enthusiasm.

My specialty, since 2001, is to round-up campaign signs after the election. No reason to clutter our road-sides after the deed is done.

In 2005, as I wrote here, I managed to pickup all but two signs of my signs by 7:21 am the day after the election – the final two by 9:30am.

I said then:

Why the quick pickup?

I said early on in my campaign, win or lose, my signs would not linger throughout our Town.

If there’s one discriminator the electorate takes away from this election, I hope they recall that I said it, then I did it.

I said it and then I did it. If you look at my activism on behalf of our community, you’ll see a clear track record of “walking my own talk”.

In 2006 I managed to pick-up over 2,000 signs (and several bags of adjacent litter – unfortunately, I’ve already filled two this year!).

Every year I offer to pickup any candidate’s sign and, once again extend that offer to everyone – my colleagues in the Town Council race – Carrboro races – the school board (contact signs AT citizenwill.org ).

It’s a fun way to do my part to keep our community attractive.

A common question I get is “Who designed your sign?”

I actually did, using a variety of free software tools – including GImp (Gnu Image Program) and OpenOffice. These are the kind of tools I’ve been asking our Town to adopt for the last six years. Using OpenOffice, for instance, would save hundreds of thousands in Microsoft licensing fees, something our Council is well aware of, something our Town continues to drag its feet doing.


3 responses to “Election 2007: Recycle, Reuse”

  1. Helen Tart Avatar

    Do you have any of the wire or wooden stakes left? I ordered my signs without them because I figured there were plenty out there to salvage and I liked the idea of reusing them. Then the city inspectors stopped putting dumping the illegal signs in the dumpster near my house, so I’m a little short of stakes.

    My sister lives in Chapel Hill and could pick them up for me.

    Just a thought….
    Helen Tart, candidate, Raleigh City Council At-large

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Helen. Most of my spare wire hangers, signs (from other campaigns) and stakes have been recycled into the local community. I’ve seen their reuse in everything from neighborhood yard sales to the Emerson-Waldorf School festival.

    If any shake free I’ll drop you a line.

    Good luck on your campaign and thank you for running!

  3. Xan Gregg Avatar

    I’ve still got my 2005 signs in the garage — I’ll put them up soon.

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