Warrantless, Illegal Surveillance: Price, Maybe. Feingold, Hell NO!

[Update:] Quisling Democrats capitulated in a vote 293 to 129. Rep. Price votes NO!!. Good for him.

More here: House Approves Unconstitutional Surveillance Legislation .

Yesterday I couldn’t get an inking of how my local “progressive” Democrat US Rep. David Price would vote on the latest attempt to defend the indefensible. Would he vote to absolve ATT from its culpability? Would he further extend the reach of the US government into our private affairs?

US Sen. Russ Feingold, one heck of a leader, had no such problem:

June 19, 2008

“The proposed FISA deal is not a compromise; it is a capitulation. The House and Senate should not be taking up this bill, which effectively guarantees immunity for telecom companies alleged to have participated in the President’s illegal program, and which fails to protect the privacy of law-abiding Americans at home. Allowing courts to review the question of immunity is meaningless when the same legislation essentially requires the court to grant immunity. And under this bill, the government can still sweep up and keep the international communications of innocent Americans in the U.S. with no connection to suspected terrorists, with very few safeguards to protect against abuse of this power. Instead of cutting bad deals on both FISA and funding for the war in Iraq, Democrats should be standing up to the flawed and dangerous policies of this administration.”

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) is a member of the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.


Damn, David is a nice enough guy. He brings home the goodies more often than not but his inability to take a lead on any of the key issues – the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, illegal domestic surveillance, torture – perverting our nation’s foundations is disheartening.

He can be led to the water, tortuously, but getting him to drink is a hell of a proposition.



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4 responses to “Warrantless, Illegal Surveillance: Price, Maybe. Feingold, Hell NO!”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Price voted No. Good for him.

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Good for him unfortunately his colleagues capitulated 293 to 129 ( House Caves, Approves Fake ‘Compromise’ on Telecom Immunity ).

    He’s on a roll this week with today’s vote and yesterday’s $150+ billion never-ending war resolution HR2642 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act

  3. George Entenman Avatar

    Thank goodness. I left a message on his CH office answering machine last night. He must have heard it. 😉

    — ge

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