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  • The Greatest Lie of the Greatest Generation?

    Chapel Hill is filled with talented, thoughtful folks whose stories – personal and professional – often open new avenues of personal discovery. Eric Muller, UNC Law professor and, lately intermittent, ‘blogger (Is That Legal?), is a Chapel Hillian I’ve spoken of before. His personal history, finding out what happened to his great-uncle during Germany’s Holocaust […]

  • Lifting all of us up…

    Orange County Commissioner Mike Nelson posted this small poem on his ‘blog in celebration of the Obama blowout: Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Jesse could run. Jesse ran so Barack could win. Barack won so our children can fly. Nice. Ellie, Elijah and I stayed up past midnight tracking the close […]

  • NC Ballot: Designed For Failure?

    Early voting is moving at a breakneck pace this year with large turnouts from day one. Unfortunately, NC’s “straight party” ballot option continues to confuse. Even if you vote “straight party”, you MUST vote for President separately!! Luckily, our new local BOE Director Tracy Reams made sure this year’s poll-workers were well trained to notify […]

  • Obama and Jones

    Barack Obama swung by Chapel Hill tonight in his on-going attempt to clinch his party’s nomination. As David Price noted, for the first time in decades North Carolina is relevant – and we have an opportunity to push Obama over the top. As with many political events, the rally, scheduled for 9:30pm kicked off promptly […]