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  • Trash Talk: The Neverending Story…Ends?

    [UPDATE:] WCHL’s Elizabeth Friend has a great summation here. Over a decade ago, just as I was beginning to get involved in local issues, I heard then local NAACP President Fred Black and Roger Road resident Rev. Robert Campbell brief Council on the fairly extensive list of negative impacts our landfill was having on the […]

  • Rev. Robert Campbell’s Letter

    I first met Rev. Robert Campbell, an incredibly dedicated advocate for the Rogers/Millhouse community, over 8 years ago. At the time I was attending one of my first Council meetings. Fred Battle, Robert Campbell, Yonni ChapmanYonni’s Picassa, Aug. 28th, 2009, Peace and Justice Commemoration Fred Battle, then President of the local NAACP (and member of […]

  • Trash Talk: Shall We Stand United? Rogers-Eubanks Community Says “Yes”!

    I knew that the final siting of the solid waste transfer station might devolve into an “us vs. them” debacle – pitting neighbor against neighbor. Orange County is no stranger to inter-community bickering caused by waste-related issues. From the beginning, as I made contact with leaders of various organized groups – the Rogers Road community, […]