More than a nickel…

From today’s eventually-to-be-paywalled HeraldSun

The town of Chapel Hill figures it spent about $134,700 on hosting this year’s Apple Chill street fair and handling events both during and after the official hours of the festival.

That total includes about $85,700 in costs for police, although Town Manager Cal Horton said the figure for police costs still could change.

That’s a chunk of change.

Surely we can “recover” some the arts events that have slipped Carrboro-way with an investment of just $65K?


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  1. Robert P Avatar

    I think we need to have more smaller affairs, more often. Like First Friday in Raleigh. Something in the various community parks. Maybe a street-art fair with no traffic shut-down. Instead of putting all of our eggs into one basket, we should spread out the festivities.

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