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  • Dec. 7th, Forewarned, Not Forearmed?

    I’ve been interested in the World War II Japanese Internment travesty since I learned of it as a near tot. Living in Chapel Hill I’ve had the chance to know some interesting folks, Eric Muller for one. Eric, self-publisher and UNC Law professor is an internment expert. He often posts his research on that, the […]

  • Bus 734’s Act of Kindness

    Say what you will of “Chapel Hill values”, but it can be quite nice when you’re on the receiving end. This morning I watched the driver of Bus 734 pull over for a moment to let a young man, already wheezing from running up MLK to the Kron Building stop, jog the next 20 yards […]

  • Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign…

    This time last year I was catching 14 winks in preparation for election day. Earlier in the evening I had made the rounds collecting my outlying signs for redeployment. About 3 hours from now, I was leaping out of bed to fill some balloons, say a hasty goodbye to the family and rush to pick […]

  • A Measure of Transparency in Local Government

    Mark Peters, one of the founders of Orange County political forum SqueezeThePulp and a school-focused activist, created this report card to publicly track local governments fulfillment of their stated goal of greater online efforts to promote e-democracy . Mark’s site, OrangeRecordings, serves as a clearinghouse for podCasts of school board, council, board of alderman and […]

  • Chancellor Moeser: It’s good to be good

    Chancellor Moeser’s main thesis from his September 6th State of the University remarks [via WCHL1360]: …we can aspire for greatness … move from good to great … and be both great and good… The speech was replete with references of being good, of moving from good to great both as an University and community member. […]

  • Ernesto Visiting Chapel Hill?

    One of the hurricane projections has Ernesto tracking right over my home in less than a day.

  • Aug. 31st, 2006: From Ernesto to Fran

    Friday, September 6, 1996 – Fran! Friday, September 1, 2006 – Ernesto? Fran snuck up on the Triangle 10 years ago. Ernesto is days away. I stayed up until 1am nearly a decade ago waiting to see what track Fran would take. WRAL’s ever reliable Greg Fishel predicted a hit between Rocky Mount and Raleigh. […]

  • Hot Spot U.S.A.

    With tomorrow’s temperatures forecasted to be above 100 degrees, Chapel Hill is going to be one very hot spot. As if centrally scripted, local news folks, punching up the drama of the weather story, have been issuing dire warnings not of the “real” heat but of the “felt” heat. “Think it’s going to be hot […]

  • 06/06/06 Hill Hail Hell

    When: 6:06PM, 06/06/06. Where: Mid-town Chapel Hill. What: Horizontal sheets of blueberry-size hail. A rapid moving storm front dumped up to an inch of pea to blueberry size hail in our yard. Not wanting to bike MLK in a tonight’s downpour, I called my wife for a ride home. While on the phone with her, […]

  • Utility Commission on the ball…

    Kudos to the folks running our NC Utilities Commission! When the USA Today story fingering Bellsouth’s complicity in the NSA scandal broke I called our North Carolina Utilities Commission to lodge a complaint. The receptionist told me a “consumer specialist” would call within the hour to get details about my case. “Sure,” I said, pretty […]

  • More than a nickel…

    From today’s eventually-to-be-paywalled HeraldSun The town of Chapel Hill figures it spent about $134,700 on hosting this year’s Apple Chill street fair and handling events both during and after the official hours of the festival. That total includes about $85,700 in costs for police, although Town Manager Cal Horton said the figure for police costs […]

  • NextBus Recap – The story so far…

    [UPDATE:] The proposal. What would it take to build our own bus ETA notification and Internet hotspot system? Catch the NextBus VII – Stone knives and bear skins… Twenty-four hours into blogging about the NextBus system, what have we learned? What’s the alternative? How large of an opportunity have we missed? Catch the NextBus VI […]

  • Affordable Downtown Housing? Pfah!

    Just heard the local Chamber of Commerce’s executive director Aaron Nelson on WCHL 1360AM describe, in jubilant terms , how soon-to-open Rosemary Village is ” the impetus for a downtown renaissance”. Aaron further proclaimed this development would give us “great downtown living we haven’t had in a long time.” Really? I know folk living downtown […]

  • Dang gum!

    Wonder what those dark mystery splotches are downtown? Tired of dodging sticky detritus? Good news: …there’s nothing like a bit of cleaning to give downtown denizens a better feeling… The crew from Gum Busters pulled into town in a white Dodge van full of equipment, intent on turning the splotches into ABC gum — Already […]

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