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  • David Price Letting Telecom Lawbreakers Off the Hook?

    Called David Price, my local Congressman, this afternoon to see if he planned to vote NO on tomorrow’s House Bill HR 6304 which proffers blanket immunity to those telecoms, like ATT (Bellsouth, Cingular), that knowingly broke Federal and State wire-tapping laws on behalf of our current lawless madministration. His current stance: no opinion. In fact, […]

  • Can you hear me now? Not if you’re the FCC!

    Following in the footsteps of Bush’s Justice department, the FCC has thrown in the towel on further investigations of allege crimes by Bellsouth, Verizon and others. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will not pursue complaints about a spy agency’s access to millions of telephone records because it cannot obtain classified material, the FCC’s chairman said […]

  • Utility Commission on the ball…

    Kudos to the folks running our NC Utilities Commission! When the USA Today story fingering Bellsouth’s complicity in the NSA scandal broke I called our North Carolina Utilities Commission to lodge a complaint. The receptionist told me a “consumer specialist” would call within the hour to get details about my case. “Sure,” I said, pretty […]

  • FCC to the rescue? Call Bellsouth’s CEO Ackerman about their FCC violations.

    [ UPDATE: ] Bellsouth denies USA Today charge, claims no sharing of records.

  • Bellsouth’s Billion Dollar Mistake

    [ UPDATE: ] Bellsouth denies USA Today charge, claims no sharing of records. According to CNN and other news sources, Bellsouth denies USA Today’s claim that it participated in the massive NSA privacy breach. In several reports, Bellsouth spokesman Jeff Battcher claims Battcher said BellSouth’s customer service department had received only 26 complaints about reports […]

  • Punish the Peeping Toms

    If you’re concerned about the widespread domestic surveillance telephone companies, like Bellsouth, have performed on innocent Americans for the last five years, please contact the following folk: Rep. David Price – Contact. NC Utilities Commission – Contact. NC Attorney General – Contact. NC ACLU – Contact. National ACLU – Contact. Electionic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – […]

  • Can you hear me now, NSA? Not if you’re the Justice Department.

    From CNN and the AP via AudioActivism and Daily Wireless. X-posted from Brian Russel’s AudioActivism Domestic spying inquiry killed AP is reporting that the US Department of Justice has stopped its investigation of the warrantless phone spying done by the NSA at the approval of George Bush. “We have been unable to make any meaningful […]

  • Can you hear me now, NSA?

    I like to keep it local on Concerned Citizen, but this report does have a local angle.