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  • Election 2007: League Of Women Voters Forum

    A big thank you to the local chapter of the League of Women Voters for an excellent forum this evening. Vicki Boyer, who occasionally posts on OrangePolitics kept the show moving along with a variety of audience questions. Unlike the Sierra Club forum, the environmental and social justice issues surrounding our neighbors out on Rogers […]

  • One Cat’s Slaughterhouse

    Kurt Vonnegut, the satirical novelist who captured the absurdity of war and questioned the advances of science in darkly humorous works such as “Slaughterhouse-Five” and “Cat’s Cradle,” died Wednesday. CNN Apr. 12th, 2007 A little off track for Citizen Will but I consumed more than my generation’s share of Vonnegut at quite an early age. […]

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  • Raleigh LEDs the Way

    Comparison in life, I guess, is inevitable. Hey, even if there’s a tiny bit of vanity bragging about Chapel Hill – “look how smart I am to live in the Southern slice of Heaven” – I probably indulge in it as much as anyone else. Folks brag about how progressive, sensitive to civil liberties, environmentally […]

  • Dec. 7th, Forewarned, Not Forearmed?

    I’ve been interested in the World War II Japanese Internment travesty since I learned of it as a near tot. Living in Chapel Hill I’ve had the chance to know some interesting folks, Eric Muller for one. Eric, self-publisher and UNC Law professor is an internment expert. He often posts his research on that, the […]

  • Chicken of Chicken

    Got this interesting article today from Consumer’s Union: …analysis of fresh, whole broilers bought nationwide revealed that 83 percent harbored campylobacter or salmonella, the leading bacterial causes of foodborne disease. That’s a stunning increase from 2003, when we reported finding that 49 percent tested positive for one or both pathogens. Leading chicken producers have stabilized […]

  • The Freedom Trail, Kind of…

    Quick update for the special adventurers I left behind. Botolph’s Stone’s weather was beautiful this evening – 51 and clear. Had a nice walk, mostly after dark as we worked through ’til almost 6pm. Here’s some slideshow highlights: Mr. E, be sure to click here [Google Earth] to see where I walked.

  • Botolph’s Stone

    October is Energy Month Five After Six HiFi World No Right Turn Ghostwalk

  • ConvergeSouth 2006

    I really enjoyed Greensboro’s first ‘blog-con ConvergeSouth, an “unconference” that attracted quite a few interesting and/or notorious folks. Good conversation (no surprise as Anton “Mr. Sugar” points out that ‘bloggers are usually good conversationalist), good food and a chance to learn by interaction. Tomorrow’s promises to be even better. Elizabeth Edwards will keynote on “Building […]

  • SxSWi: Inciting Self-Organizing Mobs for Local Progressive Activism

    I submitted a panel proposal for Austin’s South-by-Southwest Interactive (SxSWi) 2007 titled Inciting Self-Organizing Mobs for Local Progressive Activism Educated and opinionated, netizens are a fractious bunch. Rarely does on-line irritation translate into “real-world” local activism. With the proliferation of no-cost, net-based infrastructure and the power of the “long tail”, why do so few arm […]

  • Back with a Backlog

    Yes, I’ve been gone (thanks for the emails). I’ve got a backlog of issues, posts, news, updates – enough to keep me going for a couple weeks. I’ll be trying to catch-up as I juggle new developments on: This weekend’s ConvergeSouth unconference Carolina North and UNC’s Leadership Advisory group Updates on “Licensed for the Lawn”, […]

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  • Tower Resculpt

  • ZeFrank’s Simple, Nuanced Message

    I’m stuck in a video culture. The immediacy of the message, the ability to project nuance, is quite alluring. Today’s low-cost of creation and dissemination has helped unleash citizen’s voices which otherwise would never be heard. Yesterday, I featured Keith Olbermann’s Sept. 11th impassioned defense of dissent. It was a strong, direct, thoughtful yet emotional […]

  • Damn you David Fanning!

    Sure, I’m nearly 225 years behind the times cursing David Fanning’s troop’s drunken pillage of nearby Hillsborough, North Carolina but it is the thought that counts… In the early morning hours of September 12, 1781, Loyalist David Fanning led 600 Tory militiamen on a daring raid of Hillsborough where Governor Thomas Burke had taken refuge. […]