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  • Election Day 2006: Hogan Farms and Beyond…

    Covered Hogan Farms from 6:45am to 9:45am. BOCC candidate Jamie Daniels was handing out material until roughly 9am. Stein supporters covered the precinct from 7ish on. The Democrats staffed a table handing out sample ballots the whole time I was there… As of 9:35am, 300 confirmed voters with another 10-15 milling about waiting to go. […]

  • Vote No on Orange County Districting Referendum, Another No from Katz

    A resounding NO from former Orange County Democratic Party chair Barry Katz in his Oct. 28th LTE to the Chapel Hill News: I will vote no on the ballot referendum to restructure the Orange County commissioners. First, there hasn’t been enough public debate on the merits of change, and I oppose change without voters’ understanding […]

  • Vote No on Orange County Districting Referendum

    Thank you Orange County League of Women Voters for sponsoring tonight’s forum. There were 15-20 folks in the audience this evening, including former BOCC candidate Artie Franklin, current BOCC candidate Jamie Daniel and Superior Court District 15B candidate Chuck Anderson. Fright-night, referendum style, came a day late as Moses Carey pretty much reprized his earlier […]

  • Halloween means Helicopters

    5:33pm, Tuesday, Oct. 31st, 2006, Halloween in downtown Chapel Hill means helicopters. As I stepped out of my building at the corner of Church and Franklin streets, the first portent of tonight’s Chapel Hill-o-ween was the thrumming beat of helicopter blades. Two of the beast hovered high above downtown’s Franklin in a vain attempt to […]

  • Soundbite: Carey, CitizenWill and the 2006 Redistricting Referendum

    WCHL1360 caught a small taste [MP3] of Wednesday’s “debate”. I’ve since heard the radio ad promoting,to some small extent (and, hopefully, unintentionally), the referendum. Besides surmounting all the advertising – radio, print – the layout of the ballot will probably prove to be the hardest obstacle to overcome. As someone (thanks) pointed out to me, […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Wrap Up

    [UPDATE] Back from a great meal at Ganache. Fantastic conversations with quite a few participants, GerryC, Anglico, SouthernDem, MisterSugar, Josh, Zabouti, Pam, AE, DB, Ed Cone, Anonymoses and so many others. A highpoint of the day was hearing during dinner the incredible backstory of local ‘blogger Serbian Bora Coturnix – Red-State Serbian Jewish atheist liberal […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Social Networking, MySpace

    Walked in on Bora Coturnix ( BlogAroundTheClock ) discussing his use of MySpace to identify folk by common Yugoslavian last names and then reach out through th “Add to Friend” function of MySpace to contact them… Nearly every one contacted joined. He goes on to describe, given the youth of those folks responding, how his […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Building a Media Culture within the News Organization

    A room chock-full of “real” journalists. Followed by media/PR consultants and then a sprinkling of citizen activists. So far, introductions. Local political whiz, former Council member, Gerry C is here – I look forward to meeting him face to face. Anglico (Jim Protzman) and SouthernDem are here for BlueNC. SouthernDem is a great, citizen journalist. […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Elizabeth Edwards

    First session of ConvergeSouth just wrapped. So far the “UN” part of conference hasn’t really kicked in…probably too early on a Saturday morning to do total engagement. I had the opportunity to be the first non-“Ed Cone” questioner of Elizabeth. I put a tough one to her, asking if she had had a conversation with […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006

    I really enjoyed Greensboro’s first ‘blog-con ConvergeSouth, an “unconference” that attracted quite a few interesting and/or notorious folks. Good conversation (no surprise as Anton “Mr. Sugar” points out that ‘bloggers are usually good conversationalist), good food and a chance to learn by interaction. Tomorrow’s promises to be even better. Elizabeth Edwards will keynote on “Building […]

  • $337,800

    Fresh in from Kirk Ross’ ExileOnJonesStreet. Today’s UNC Board of Governors meeting yielded significant raises for the Chancellors in the UNC system, including a hefty $32,000 increase for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Chancellor James Moeser. Fayetteville State University’s T.J. Bryan(t) [sic: they even misspelled her name] must be bumming as her “paltry” %3.8 increase was not enough […]

  • Whining at the cows…

    I wanted to add the following to the HWCC’s final memorandum to Council. We remind the Council of the scope of work proposed by the HWCC in January and suggest that the Council recognize the necessary lead time required to reconstitute a citizen’s group to explore the issues in that proposal. The decision-making apparatus of […]

  • May 2nd: Chatham? Baddour, Lucier, Vanderbeck, Thompson!

    [UPDATE:] Lucier, Vanderbeck and Thompson sweep the board! Baddour still in contention. Chatham, the tidal wave of development is overwhelming county services, driving taxes sky high (and we haven’t seen the end yet) and leading to a brittle service economy built on shaky ground. When you mark your ballot, take a moment to think about […]