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  • Please Vote Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

    For my RSS reading readers ;-)! Find your precinct HERE . Please vote Tuesday, Nov. 7th. Polls are open 6:30AM until 7:30PM. Vote NO, NO, NO on either of the divisive Orange and Chatham county districting referendums. Vote YES for Baddour and Anderson Superior Court District 15B. Vote YES for Vanderbeck commissioner Chatham District 4. […]

  • Chatham’s Yes Men

    I’m quite interested in the fortunes of our southern neighbors in Chatham County. As reported in today’s N&O, local Chatham activist Mark Barroso has put together a great little youTube video on the outgoing Commissioner’s ill-deeds. By the way, the Chatham redistricting proposal, which everyone should vote NO on, serves well as an example of […]

  • May 2nd: Chatham? Baddour, Lucier, Vanderbeck, Thompson!

    [UPDATE:] Lucier, Vanderbeck and Thompson sweep the board! Baddour still in contention. Chatham, the tidal wave of development is overwhelming county services, driving taxes sky high (and we haven’t seen the end yet) and leading to a brittle service economy built on shaky ground. When you mark your ballot, take a moment to think about […]