May 2nd: Chatham? Baddour, Lucier, Vanderbeck, Thompson!

[UPDATE:] Lucier, Vanderbeck and Thompson sweep the board! Baddour still in contention.

Chatham, the tidal wave of development is overwhelming county services, driving taxes sky high (and we haven’t seen the end yet) and leading to a brittle service economy built on shaky ground.

When you mark your ballot, take a moment to think about this ode to Briar Chapel’s sewage spray system. It’s a good metaphor of how Bunkey and company have treated the county, the environment and the community.

Want to restore sanity, honesty and integrity to the Board of Commissioners? Vote:

  • George Lucier – Commissioner, District 3
  • Tom Vanderbeck – Commissioner, District 4
  • Carl E. Thompson – Commissioner, District 5

More information at The Chatham Coalition.

  • Allen Baddour – Superior Court.

Allen, arguably, is even a better choice for Chatham than Orange county.


2 responses to “May 2nd: Chatham? Baddour, Lucier, Vanderbeck, Thompson!”

  1. Joe Avatar

    I voted in the Bynum precinct around 5:40pm. I was the 340th voter, and the woman working the scanner told me that 1000 or so folks in our precinct had voted early; plus, we’d had 100-150 absentee voters.

    The Bynum precinct has 1702 registered voters according to the county website. So turnout looks to be excellent for this primary.

    (Honestly, 85% or more turnout for a primary seems awfully high, but the woman said that’s about what we usually get in Bynum. Must be those Fearrington Village residents — and I don’t think they’re fans of Bunkey!)

  2. Administrator Avatar

    Bunkey is losing!

    From Channel 14,

    Lucier Dem 3,694 57%
    Nettles Dem 2,839 43%

    Vanderbeck Dem 3,914 59%
    Morgan (i) Dem 2,697 41%

    Thompson Dem 4,124 62%
    Emerson (i) Dem 2,504 38%

    16 of 19 precincts reporting (84%)

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