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  • March 28th: A Self-Advocate Path to Being Well, Feeling Fit

    Carrboro’s self-advocate leader Ellen Perry told me that March 28th’s “Be Well! Feel Fit!” meeting would be a great introduction for those folks interested in positive, self-directed change. Ellen is part of the “Self-Advocate Leadership Network”, a project under the auspices of the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI.org): The Self-Advocate Leadership Network (SALN) is a […]

  • Lincoln Arts Center: The Clock is Ticking

    Nice summary of Chapel Hill’s Lincoln Arts Center’s problem locating a new home by Jesse James DeConto in today’s Chapel Hill News. Sooner or later, the popular pottery program is going to have to leave its home at the Lincoln Center, the administrative office complex of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools on Merritt Mill Road. […]

  • Lincoln Center Arts Program Needs a New Home

    Karen Fisher’s Feb. 21st letter to the Chapel Hill News: The Lincoln Arts Center has to find a new home or risk closing its door permanently. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools administrative offices will be expanding into the space that the Lincoln Arts Center pottery studio has leased for 30 years. Chapel Hill is in […]

  • Jon Wilner’s Shocking Culture

    From the Chapel Hill News ‘blog OrangeChat, a guest post by Jon Wilner, executive director of the Carrboro ArtsCenter: Culture Shock would be a vehicle for marketing the arts in our community in an attempt to create a destination for what the evening’s facilitator, Bill Flexner, called the “diamond in the rough.” The “diamond” refers […]

  • Halloween means Helicopters

    5:33pm, Tuesday, Oct. 31st, 2006, Halloween in downtown Chapel Hill means helicopters. As I stepped out of my building at the corner of Church and Franklin streets, the first portent of tonight’s Chapel Hill-o-ween was the thrumming beat of helicopter blades. Two of the beast hovered high above downtown’s Franklin in a vain attempt to […]

  • The Best Things in Life…Carrboro’s Musicfest

    Wonder if this Carrboro event will end up in Chapel Hill Magazine? Stringband goodness from the Carolina Chocolate Drops This weekend’s Carrboro Music Festival should be great especially if the weather holds. The 9th Annual Carrboro Music Festival is September 24, 2006. Our day long, free festival will feature numerous musical styles at 21 indoor […]

  • While you’re there…Hillsborough Gallery of Arts…

    If you’re heading up to Hillsborough to join the throng cheering on our Continentals, why don’t you check out the new Hillsborough Gallery of Arts pre-opening review. There are 14 diverse artists showing paintings, jewelry, stained glass, ceramic sculpture, wooden artifacts, etc. One of the painters does quite interesting work.

  • Damn you David Fanning!

    Sure, I’m nearly 225 years behind the times cursing David Fanning’s troop’s drunken pillage of nearby Hillsborough, North Carolina but it is the thought that counts… In the early morning hours of September 12, 1781, Loyalist David Fanning led 600 Tory militiamen on a daring raid of Hillsborough where Governor Thomas Burke had taken refuge. […]

  • Weaver St. Market Lawn: The Story So Far….

    Now that the initial uproar over Carr Mill Mall’s management’s rather strained decision to implement new restrictions on public access to Weaver Street Market Lawn [MAP] has quieted down a bit, I thought I’d put together a quick recap covering the last couple weeks of letters, posts and comments. The Wiki Roots wiki has a […]

  • Licensed for the Lawn: Dance, Dance Fever

    Here’s some great documentary snaps of the August 26th Weaver St. Market civil dance disobedience taken by my steady-handed, sharp-eyed 9 year-old son Elijah. There’s more pictures over on Flickr under the wsmdancein tag. Pictures below the fold