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  • Licensed for the Lawn: Path to a Mediated Settlement

    An quick update on next steps in the Weaver Street Market lawn saga… September 11, 2006 To Weaver Street Market Owners: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the feedback you are giving us about our handling of the lawn issue. We continue to be engaged in working toward a resolution […]

  • “Very Interesting”: the ESP Show on “Bruce-gate”

    Thursday morning, I boogied down to Carrboro’s low-powered radio co-op, WCOM, to join with Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton for a modified two-step with the boys of the ESP Show. With practiced professionalism, Geoff Gilson and the dangerous “Mad Dog” Aaron assembled a nice overview of the recent Weaver St. Mkt. Lawn public access issue. Having […]

  • Weaver St. Market Lawn: The Story So Far….

    Now that the initial uproar over Carr Mill Mall’s management’s rather strained decision to implement new restrictions on public access to Weaver Street Market Lawn [MAP] has quieted down a bit, I thought I’d put together a quick recap covering the last couple weeks of letters, posts and comments. The Wiki Roots wiki has a […]

  • Licensed for the Lawn: Footloose II

    I shrunk this documentary video snippet (by Elijah) to a more manageable size (2.5M for 43M). Videos below the fold…

  • Licensed for the Lawn: Dance, Dance Fever

    Here’s some great documentary snaps of the August 26th Weaver St. Market civil dance disobedience taken by my steady-handed, sharp-eyed 9 year-old son Elijah. There’s more pictures over on Flickr under the wsmdancein tag. Pictures below the fold

  • Licensed for the Lawn: Dance session will not be “tolerated”

    Ironically titled article in today’s Herald-Sun “‘Dancing man’ gets go-ahead to go back on lawn“. Goes on to mention that it’s only 1 hour, 1 day once a week (of course with preapproval). Few comments I hadn’t heard before: “Milian said Thomas’ dancing set a bad example; other performers would think they could use the […]

  • Licensed for the Lawn: We can dance if we want to…

    Ruby (of OrangePolitics fame) asked earlier today I have only one question: when are we holding the first dance-in on the lawn? Oh, and when are the owners and/or board or WSM going to take some leadership on this issue? Looks like soon, very soon.

  • Licensed for the Lawn

    “Hourly slots”, “a limit of one performance per week per artist or group” , “with the approval of Carr Mill” altruistically “free of charge to both the artist and the public.” The joint press release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT Nathan Milian, Carr Mill Mall Manager 942-8669 Ruffin Slater, Weaver Street Market General Manager 913-1592 Carr […]

  • Weaver St. Market: Licensed for the Lawn!

    Caught this young scofflaw just a short time after the private press conference announcing WSM’s new policy of “licensing” lawn performers. The, short notice, private press event, held by Ruffin Slater, general manager of the Weaver St. Market (WSM) co-op, and Nathan Milian, property manager of Carr Mill mall appears to have been short on […]