Licensed for the Lawn: We can dance if we want to…

Ruby (of OrangePolitics fame) asked earlier today

I have only one question: when are we holding the first dance-in on the lawn?

Oh, and when are the owners and/or board or WSM going to take some leadership on this issue?

Looks like soon, very soon.

A call for unlicensed performance via Steve Sheman’s comment on OrangePolitics :

email that’s been flying around (Ruby, maybe you want to post this seperately?)

Subject: We Can Dance If We Want

To: Please forward widely

It’s a Carrboro scandal…and Carrboro residents are dancing back…Wednesday, August 23, 5:30 pm… Last week Carr Mill Mall manager Nathan Milian told Bruce Thomas, dancer extraordinaire, that he could no longer dance on the “private property” of Weaver Street Market’s lawn. Read for a more complete story.

Today, Weaver Street Market and Carr Mill Mall put out a press release with their “solution” to this PR fiasco: a new program called “Live on the Lawn.” These scheduled events will feature performers who apply at Weaver Street Market and are “approved” by Carr Mill. The press release says there “will be a limit of one performance per week per artist or group.”

Personally, I don’t dance once a week. I dance when I want to. I want Bruce to dance when and where he wants to. Please come help us make this point: TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 23, 5:30 pm.

Bring instruments. Bring your dancing shoes! Bring your friends.

Civil dance disobedience in Carrboro? Makes sense to me! ( via youtube)


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  1. Miranda Avatar

    I am a student at Chapel Hill High School, and I am writing an article for our newspaper, The Proconian, about Bruce being banned from the WSM lawn. I was wondering if you or anyone you know that is knowledgable on the situation could drop me an e-mail about related events and action being planned for the future. My e-mail is Thanks so much!

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