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  • Democrats No Longer

    I’m a registered Independent. OK, OK. I know there is no such thing as an Independent designation, just unaffiliated. Unaffiliated. Indecisive. Indifferent. Uncommitted. Uninvolved. Fence-sitter. Don’t care. A truly perverse bit of political framing. I hope my occasional contributions to the local debate (CitizenWill , OrangePolitics, SqueezeThePulp, the Daily Tar Heel, the Chapel Hill News) […]

  • Carolina North: Location! Location! Relocation?

    If there was a theme to yesterday’s third community outreach on UNC’s Carolina North project it was “more of the same”. Same dearth of detail. Same soft sell of the economic benefits. Same back “peddling” (as in wheeling-n-dealing) on their functional commitments. UNC Chancellor Moeser’s “quarterback”, Jack Evans, presented the major recalibration of Carolina North’s […]

  • Ho, Ho, Ho, North Carolina’s Lottery Pimps Christmas

    WRAL5 reports …state lottery officials are in the Christmas spirit. Excuse me while I puke. Merry Money, the first $10 instant-ticket game in North Carolina, began appearing in stores Tuesday. The new game is part of a trend in the lottery industry toward holiday-themed scratch-off games, which officials hope will boost sales. The new game […]

  • Licensed for the Lawn: Dance session will not be “tolerated”

    Ironically titled article in today’s Herald-Sun “‘Dancing man’ gets go-ahead to go back on lawn“. Goes on to mention that it’s only 1 hour, 1 day once a week (of course with preapproval). Few comments I hadn’t heard before: “Milian said Thomas’ dancing set a bad example; other performers would think they could use the […]

  • Robin Cutson Drops a Feather

    Robin Cutson, a fellow 2005 candidate for Chapel Hill Town Council and, more recently, a candidate for Orange County Board of Commissioners, has decided to spur local change outside of the “established system”. She say’s she’s frustrated with the inability of our local elected folk to solve problems in a common sensical fashion: …it appears […]