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  • Halloween 2008 on a Diet

    Wow! A %50 reduction in this years Halloween crowd. The Town of Chapel Hill successfully reduced the size of the Halloween event on Franklin Street with an estimated showing of 35,000. Town Manager Roger L. Stancil said he believed the “Homegrown Halloween” campaign assisted in reducing the number of revelers, and strategies implemented by Chapel […]

  • Halloween, 2008: Helicopters and Sirens Go On and On

    I was Downtown about 8pm this evening. Some folks were gathering but it was generally quiet. It appeared Chapel Hill’s attempt to “scare” off visitors might have worked. Starting 9:30pm though I began to wonder. We live close to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and the Police Station. Starting 10pm there was the constant thrum […]

  • Halloween Trick: Bank-rolling Boozing

    Local teen alcohol awareness activist Dale Pratt-Wilson asks if the $225,000 spent managing Downtown’s Halloween booze-fest is worth it: Wow…What an awesome use of my tax dollars! I am especially pleased with having to pay for twenty-one Orange County EMS calls related to drunkenness. It would be interesting to see a cost analysis of what […]

  • Halloween Trick: North Street Complaint

    I believe there’s usually a better way to do almost anything and, as a business person, well understand the value of customer complaints as a tool for driving improvement. Complaints are like canaries in the coal mine alerting you to developing negative conditions – many organizations, though, would rather kill the canary than respond to […]

  • Halloween means Helicopters

    5:33pm, Tuesday, Oct. 31st, 2006, Halloween in downtown Chapel Hill means helicopters. As I stepped out of my building at the corner of Church and Franklin streets, the first portent of tonight’s Chapel Hill-o-ween was the thrumming beat of helicopter blades. Two of the beast hovered high above downtown’s Franklin in a vain attempt to […]