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  • Make That A Flood of Tax Payers

    Following up on my earlier post, it appears that appeals to the tax assessors office this year will be at least triple the norm. More from the Herald’s Lisa Young.

  • Raleigh LEDs the Way

    Comparison in life, I guess, is inevitable. Hey, even if there’s a tiny bit of vanity bragging about Chapel Hill – “look how smart I am to live in the Southern slice of Heaven” – I probably indulge in it as much as anyone else. Folks brag about how progressive, sensitive to civil liberties, environmentally […]

  • Pork-o-polis? Federal largesse in NC District 4

    Wonder what federal monies wend their ways back to North Carolina? To local District 4? The new online database of federal transactions, FedSpending.org, is now open for business. A collaboration between the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), Zephyr Teachout’s Sunlight Foundation and the conservative OMB Watch, the idea is to promote greater access for […]