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  • Civilian Review Board: Process Lurches Forward

    I was unable to attend the latest Civilian Review Board meeting but according to the Indy’s Joe Schwartz, the process continues to lurch forward. One point that I thought needed answering, why wait for NC legislative approval, was dealt with. Sally Greene and Mark Kleinschmidt both seemed to endorse moving forward creating a board that […]

  • Carolina North: June 15th’s Missing Documents

    Quick note, the Town, this morning, has fixed the links and added the missing Carolina North material. Obviously well less than 24 hours prior to the “public hearing”. Certainly undercuts claims of transparency and support of public review. In any case, here is tonight’s agenda with the missing supporting material: Staff Memorandum Draft Ordinance New […]

  • Council “Off the Rails”

    I broke my silence at this evening’s Town Council meeting. All throughout the Spring I’ve tried to ignore the Council’s accumulating messes. It was difficult. The Mayor and Council acting “shocked” by the financial predicament we’re in – something I’ve been forecasting for the last 4 years. More “shock” that the drought has real impacts […]

  • Health Insurance Is Not The Issue

    Quick response to the Council’s recent “health” problems. I appreciate your interest. I’ve had a number of folks ask me if I was surprised by last week’s debacle. I wasn’t. The inclusion of this item on the agenda was no accident and is reflective of this Council’s willingness to manipulate the process to get their […]

  • A Matter of Process: Greenbridge and Council’s Devolving Standard of Public Review

    I haven’t been reticent in my criticism of the process Council used recently to manage the approvals for Greenbridge, the environmental uber-project and possible end of the traditional Northside neighborhood. Adopting a new zone, TC-3, developed and refined during the months bridging Thanksgiving to Christmas, within the context of Greenbridge’s approval ill-served our citizens. Claims, […]

  • Pork-o-polis? Federal largesse in NC District 4

    Wonder what federal monies wend their ways back to North Carolina? To local District 4? The new online database of federal transactions, FedSpending.org, is now open for business. A collaboration between the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), Zephyr Teachout’s Sunlight Foundation and the conservative OMB Watch, the idea is to promote greater access for […]